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Like a Savage is a bold, aspirational lifestyle brand dedicated to the belief that anything you do can be done Like a Savage.

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  • Mommin' Like a Savage

    If you're a boss mom who is unapologetic about her parenting decisions, then you are Mommin' Like a Savage. You prioritize yourself. You follow your instincts, speak your mind, demand respect, and do not need anybody else's validation. Whether you're classy, bougie, or ratchet, you are always authentically you.

  • Shop Like a Savage

    Shopping is more than a leisurely weekend activity for you. It is a challenge. If you shop like a savage, you're calculated when you shop. You shop for the best ingredients, find the best deals, and are ahead of the trends. When you're shopping, people better move aside, because your shopping prowess deserves some respect.

  • Sip Like a Savage

    Whether it's a mimosa, red wine, coffee, or tea, when you're sitting down for a drink, you're sipping like a savage. Your drink in hand tells those around you that you're off the clock and not answering to anybody. You are taking some much deserved time for yourself. When you sip like a savage, everything else can wait. It's time to focus on you.